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Summer School Lecture "The End of Management"

There are still some free seats for the lecture "The End of Management" available.

Instructor: Patrick O‘Leary, Ph.D.

Language: English


Registration: KIS


Course description:

The age of management is over but the tasks of managing remain. For too many companies the dominant orthodoxy is that one can’t manage without managers. This class will explore inherited management orthodoxies and their impact on employee engagement and innovation. We will explore contemporary notions of ‘work’ and ‘worker’ and how forwardlooking companies are creating new organizational forms that manage without a distinct management group. We will investigate how these ‘post-managerial’ companies replace the command and control hierarchy with webs of interdependence and accountability. In tracing the evolution of ‚managment science,‘ the class will investigate what contemporary managers actually do and how they do it. It will profile future managers and workers and explore radically new models of managing by a variety of companies in diverse sectors and settings.